Messina Consulting


This practice area serves organizations and qualified individuals with start-up business ventures, across a number of industry sectors, ranging from family-owned businesses and franchisees, to research and development companies preparing to take a product to market.

MESSINA CONSULTING ASSOCIATES develops and critiques business plans, used to determine the feasibility of a new business venture or to raise capital, for both start-up and existing organizations. The firm performs industry and competitive analysis, in support of the business planning process. The firm's principals serve as day-to-day business advisors to management, in dealing with decisions unique to start-up businesses, and sit on advisory boards for both early stage and high growth businesses.

Working closely with the venture capital and private investment communities, the firm identifies potential start-up funding sources, and selectively makes introductions for clients. In working with early stage companies that seek financing, MESSINA CONSULTING ASSOCIATES performs due diligence prior to accepting a company as a client. The firm's accessibility to potential funding sources, after all, is reliant upon the firm's strong reputation and record of credibility.

tel: 703.478.9470